Welcome to Night Vale (serialized podcast/radio sci-fi comedy), all 2015 episodes

All episodes written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, and produced by Commonplace Books.

Episode 59: Antiques (release date 1/1/2015)

Episode 60: Water Failure

Episode 61: BRINY DEPTHS

Episode 62: Hatchets

Episode 63: There is No Part 1: Part 2


Episode 65: Voicemail

Episode 66: worms...

Episode 67: [Best Of?] (release date 5/1/2015)

Nominating this for long-form rather than selecting a single ep for short-form, because both Voicemail and [Best Of?] are already brilliant and it'd be difficult to choose between them. Also, it just makes sense (for me) as Night Vale is a sustained, ongoing body of work.

Note: The Night Vale live show "The Librarian" was first produced and released in 2014, so is not eligible as part of a 2015 release.

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